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Cover of Southern Haunts

Southern Haunts (Max Porter #5)

Old Tragedies, New Horrors

Max and Sandra Porter have encountered many frightening things in North Carolina — witches, curses, covens, and evil families to name a few — encounters that left them broke and broken. Now, just as Max and Sandra are getting their lives back together, they meet a pregnant woman convinced her house is trying to possess her baby.

But this is no ordinary haunted house.

Every avenue they investigate leads Max to the same daunting conclusion — there is no ghost doing the haunting. Yet something supernatural clearly is involved.  Along with his trusty partner, the ghost of a 1940s detective named Drummond, Max will use all his skills and the aid of those he cares about to uncover the truth. But a long-hidden truth is a dangerous thing. For Max and Sandra, it might even be deadly.