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The Max Porter Box Set: Volume 3

Real history meets the supernatural as the Max Porter series continues in the third box set collection. Max, Sandra, and Drummond gain new allies, new enemies, and a whole new mess of trouble in the next 3 exciting novels — all bundled into one volume!

After spending years in North Carolina, Max and Sandra thought they knew how the world of ghosts, witches, and curses worked. With the aid of the ghost of 1940s detective Marshall Drummond, they had carved out a space to live, fought those who used magic to destroy others, and defeated the dreaded Hull family.

Now, without the Hulls, control of magic in North Carolina is in free-fall. Some groups claim to be in charge while others vie for power. When graves from the 1700s start breaking through to the surface, Max and his team find themselves caught in the middle of the fight, and every decision he makes could have consequences that reverberate through the entire magic world.

Then things take a truly dire turn – Max’s mother shows up for a visit.

Max and the gang are no strangers to battling ghosts, witches, and curses. But when they are hired to free a family of witches who have been locked in their mansion by magic, they find themselves on strange ground. After all, helping witches never was in the job description.

But these witches are in trouble and that puts Max and the gang in a dangerous position. Things only get worse when it comes to light that there are evil powers and ancient curses at play. Especially because Max is certain his clients are hiding important information about the case.

Of course, they are. They’re witches.

Max Porter has had his share of odd cases. That goes with the territory when one of your partners is the ghost of a 1940s detective. But the idea of being hired by a witch coven to save witches seems wrong from the start, and it only gets worse.

Bad enough that Max can’t trust anything his clients say, but his own wife is being lured closer into becoming a real witch — something that terrifies Max and sows distrust. Add to that a mysterious group of witch hunters, a long dead curse brought back to cause havoc, and power players in the shadows, and it’s no wonder The Porter Agency is stretched to the breaking point.

Between fighting their enemies and fighting each other, this may end up the toughest case of their lives. One that could alter the balance of power among all witches for years to come.