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The Max Porter Box Set: Volume 4

The fourth volume in the Max Porter Paranormal Mystery collection is here and it’s explosive! New allies, new foes, and a rivalry centuries in the making all come to a head in one fantastic showdown. And if that wasn’t enough, Max’s family faces its toughest challenge yet, one that threatens to tear away the Sandwich Boys just as they’re settling in. It’s all here and much, much more — all bundled into one incredible volume.

When a boyfriend from Sandra’s past hires the Porter Agency to investigate a haunted firehouse, Max and Drummond know there’s going to be trouble. Yet nobody is prepared for the twisted path they embark on. A path that takes them into a harrowing murder, a botched curse, and the rumblings of a witch war.

But after Sandra’s life is placed in jeopardy, Max throws off the gloves. To save her, he’s ready to take on the toughest witches in all of North Carolina if he must — nothing will stop him when his love is on the line.

For many years, Max Porter and his team have been caught between Mother Hope and Grandma Mobley, two witches that hated each other for over a century. Both witches hold power and both are dangerous.

But now, their hatred has finally boiled over, and that power is about to be unleashed. Now, Max finds himself the rope in a tug-o-war that threatens to destroy his budding family, if not all of North Carolina. He will have to risk everything he knows and loves, push himself further than ever before. Because Max Porter will be in the fight of his life.

And his death.

For Max and Sandra Porter, building a family seemed unattainable. But since moving to Winston-Salem and starting a business with the ghost of a 1940s detective, the unattainable did not sound so far-fetched. Over time, they brought two homeless boys into their work and eventually to their home.

But this ad hoc family has a lot of unknown histories. Dark secrets that threaten to crawl to the surface. When one of those secrets breaks through, Max finds himself in a fight — not only for his own survival, but for the survival of his family as well.

If this family can’t come together now, then they will be ripped apart forever.

It doesn’t help that he has to worry about the Hull family and witches once more, but Max, Sandra, and Drummond have a lot on their side. Brains, magic, and the ghost world, too. Their enemies won’t know what hit them.